Our chilled range arrives at Waitrose stores throughout the UK

21st August 2017

Meat the Alternative have been making delicious products from plants since 2012. We use the highest quality ingredients to create what we hope you think, are the best meat free products available, without ever compromising on taste, texture or enjoyment. Our new, great tasting new snacking range are for the millions of people looking for healthy ways to increase protein and reduce their meat intake. According to Kantar, at least 17 million people are intentionally reducing their meat consumption, mainly for health reasons, which is driving the demand for meat alternative products.

Also 20% of the UK are increasing their protein intake for including muscle growth, low carb dieting and weight control. But if you’re one of the millions looking for an on the go, meat free, high protein snack options are very limited as findings from a recent IDG poll support. Their research found that over 50% of 18-24 year olds and 32% of 26 year olds want to see more vegetarian food to go options. This great tasting new chilled, meat free, high protein snacking range offers you a solution to this ever increasing demand.

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